Meet The Team

We are a small tight team of 5 tattooers. We offer varied design styles and artistic references. With over 40 years collective experience we cater for all clientele tastes from a tiny minimal symbol to large coverage collectors. Made up of different ages, influences and identities we are bound by a common passion for tattoos and are committed to providing a friendly welcoming safe environment for all clients. We speak English, Spanish, Italian, Urdu, Flipino, Farsi and a bit of Cantonese otherwise there's google translate!

Maggi is general manager, head of security and  all sales enquires and cold calls should be addressed to her


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Ely has been a working tattooer for well over 25 years now, having started out in the squat scene of the 90s . She got her full time professional start in the industry working at this very shop in 1998 under the late Barry Louvaine. After many years of travelling and working at various studios she has come full circle and took over the shop that gave her a start. She enjoys a wide range of styles having trained at the time when you had to be versatile and she still loves the variety this provides both in the work and the clientele.She loves all aspects of tattooing but struggles a bit with social media. Come and have a good old fashioned chat with her. 



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Maz stared her career as a piercer in this shop many years ago and made the transition to tattooer over 5 years ago concentrating predominantly on blackwork tattoos. She has since been perfecting her distinctive  style of precise, graphic, dotwork as well as heavy blackwork. She welcomes larger projects as well as her trademark delicate standalone pieces and enjoys constructing pieces with her clients ideas. For clean fine black she's your girl!



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Victor, otherwise known as Siner started his tattoo passion through the graffiti scene whilst working in graphic design.  Having been largely self taught he has quickly developed his signature bold neo traditional style, though he is very open to cool ideas and enjoys the versatility of mixing styles and subject matters. He has been at the shop since taking up tattooing full time. With a strong work ethic and passionate enthusiasm for the art he has the ability to turn any idea into a cool tattoo in the blink of an eye.

Handpoked by @zeusrice our apprentice. M


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Zues is the newest member of our team and is starting his journey into the professional tattoo world by spending time perfecting his style and learning the art of handpoke tattoos. As he is starting out , he is eager to take on small and simple projects for a good deal. Hit him up before he becomes famous and expensive!!

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Parastou is a new member of the team. Starting off as self taught, she is now concentrating on progressing her skills professionally. Her style has been simple and illustrative so far, but she is keen to hone some skills in a variety of styles.