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Meet Ely

Our All Round & Most Experienced 

Tattoo Artist 

Ely is our extraordinarily talented, experienced tattoo artist who is well-loved by our London clients. Ely
creates some truly beautiful designs, from small fine tattoos to large-scale sleeves. She works with both
black and white and colour, always remaining versatile, and passionate about giving her client a tattoo
that they love.

As well as being a great designer and artist, Ely is always friendly and has a great reputation for making
people feel comfortable, at ease, and heard. Whatever you’re looking to get, or even
if you’re not sure,
Ely will help you by giving friendly, expert advice to help you get the most out of your session with her.

“Great experience for my first tattoo. The wonderful Ely was friendly and welcoming, really put me at
ease for my first one! The art was exactly what I wanted, couldn't have asked for better! Would
recommend!” – Matt


Contact our London tattoo studio today.

Phone: 0208 9466840 | Email:

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