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There are 2 healing methods we would recommend. Choose the one that most works for you and your lifestyle.

Your artist will advise you and whatever method you go with remember...

Don't scratch your tattoo!!  Don't expose it to sunlight!!  Don't Swim or soak your tattoo until fully healed 

Keep your tattoo clean!

      METHOD 1   wet healing    (recommended for healing tattoos exposed to dirt or dust or in hard to heal joints but NOT                                                      for anyone with adhesive allergy)

  • keep your tattoo covered until the cover starts peeling off (hopefully 3 days)

  • remove cover under running water wash with warm water and mild soap.

  • allow to dry completely and if necessary recover with clean dressing

  • after the 3rd day remove dressing

  • wash, dry and put a thin layer of cream several times a day till fully healed

      METHOD 2  dry healing      (recommended for healing tattoos generally but requires access to clean water regularly)

  • Take the cling film off after at least two hours.

  • wash the tattoo gently but well with warm water and mild antibacterial soap, allow to dry completely ,put a thin layer of cream.

  • repeat this at least every 4 hrs or if the tattoo feels tight or sweats

  • as the tattoo heals you can cut down the frequency gradually to twice a day

 ​Any questions or problems just get in touch!

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