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Meet Maz

Dotwork & Blackwork Tattoo Artist in London

Presenting Maz, one of our highly skilled artists who originally began life at Barry Louvaine as a piercer, moving on to tattooing over 7 years ago and now displays incredible dotwork skills using black ink. Maz excels at creating large scale artwork mostly on the leg, arm and back areas, creating intricate designs and patterns within beautifully outlined masterpieces as well as small intricate graphic illustrations full of personal meaning.

Dotwork tattoos are a style of tattooing that utilises dots and lines to create complex patterns, shading, and detail. Maz features examples of geometry incorporating a stylised pointillism effect, with limitless artistic flair and a portfolio packed with lots of unique designs. 

The partnership of dots and line work in solid black ink is a popular tattoo art style currently, aesthetically it blends in nicely with other tattoo styles or looks incredible as a solo piece. If you're interested in finding a tattoo artist in London, producing some insane dotwork art to ink onto you, drop Maz an instagram follow and fill in our online form to start a creative collaboration.

Contact our London tattoo studio today.

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